Top Tips to Travel Stress-Free

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we asked our fans to share their top tips to travel stress-free. We received many responses, the best of which we wanted to share with you. Perhaps, some of these tips will help you as you prepare for your summer vacation!

From our Fans….
I like to roll all my clothes to help keep from wrinkling. I have found it actually gives me more room in my bags, which in turn saves money on bags. Also I roll an extra outfit and put it in my computer case, so lost luggage is not as much of an issue. – Kathy Smith

Bring plenty of entertainment like books, iPod, etc., and get to the airport nice and early! – Colleen Mckillen

It’s a good idea to pack items in the same place in your bag each time you travel. Once you start to remember the system you’ll spend far less time rooting around looking for something. – Robin O’Sullivan

When driving, plan ahead for detours and sight-seeing. A travel plan that only accounts for the actual travel time can be stressful if there is a schedule that has to be followed when you get there. Not to mention the fun, touristy things you might want to hit up and learn about.  My worst trip was a 26 hour straight drive from Nebraska to Oregon, we didn’t stop for anything except bathroom breaks and had a cooler of food to eat on the road.  The least stressful was one where we allowed ourselves time to stop and picnic, try new restaurants and check out the sights along the way. Take time to smell the roses, they always say. It really is good advice. – Mary Juett

If you wear glasses, keep an extra pair as standby in your hand luggage in case you break them on flight or while travelling … I once took off my glasses, kept it on my lap and slept off on flight and when I woke up I realized that I had accidentally sat on it and it broke into 2 pieces!! Learnt from my silly mistake! – Ann Mathew

Planned Adapative-ness! Make a list a week before departure with all your daily essentials. Include everything that your use to get ready to go about your day and all medicines. Add extra sunblock decide what you want to do for fun on vacation. Enter destinations and phone numbers in your phone contact list. When you leave enjoy the fact that you are prepared and when things don’t always go as planned call it an adventure! You did what you were supposed to do and it is not your responsibility to worry about unexpected stuff. Just make a change. – Shari Smith

Leave the family at home! And just take your dog. – Olivia Rubin

Research your destination thoroughly and sign up for any discount sites such as Groupon several months in advance for your destination city to take advantage of deals. Use Entertainment books to save on dining out. I like to dine out at finer restaurants at lunch when the same entrees are less expensive and of a smaller portion, saving my budget and waistline. – Nancy Reid

Travel off-season. You’ll save money and the crowds will be much lighter. – Kay Lynn

Make sure to have a streaming music app on your phone so that you can listen to whatever type of music and or comedy type shows along the road trip. – James Jones

What’s your best stress-free travel tip? Please share in the comments below!

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