Foods You Must Try When Visiting the United States

Guest post by Robert Hall, a Tech writer with a travel obsession.

Many people from all over the world love to visit the United States. Some even try to come on a yearly basis. The United States is simply a melting pot; there are so many different cultures and backgrounds located here in this one place. And sometimes people from other countries just love to get that sense of diversity.

Though if you enjoy visiting the United States and you think you may want to stay then you have to apply for a ESTA US Visa. The ESTA US Visa will help you stay in the United States for a while before it has to be renewed and everything. The ESTA Visa Application can be found online, which is very easy to fill out. While in the United States there are some particular foods you absolutely have to try.

1. Barbecue. If you will visiting or possibly living in the Southern United States, then you must try the barbecue. Barbecue is very popular in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia as well. It’s simply a staple food of southern cooks and visitors alike. Each state has its own way of doing it, sauces simply vary by state. But when you are here you must try, it’s delicious and you will enjoy it quite a bit.

2. Philly Cheese Steak. Stopping off in Philadelphia, you absolutely have to try an authentic Philly cheese steak. The cheese steak has been around since the early 20th century. Though, two natives of Philadelphia are given the credit of inventing the awesome sandwich in around 1930.

3. New York Style Pizza. If you will be in the Northern part of the United States in around New York, you must try the pizza. New York style pizza is large and thin, made with gluten bread to make the crust. There are many different pizzerias all around the state so you will definitely not have trouble finding one to visit.

4. Chicago Hot Dogs. Chicago is known for its delicious hot dogs, and there are hot dog vendors all around the city. They simply began making their hot dogs like that in around 1929 or the depression era. There is always a little history behind all these popular foods from all over the States.

5. Fajitas. While in the Western part of the country the foods and flavors are mainly influenced by Mexican and Native American cultures. This type of food will have great flavor and spice.

If you are getting an ESTA Visa to come to the United States from any country, please be sure to try the top five foods. You will enjoy them and will learn a little bit more about our culture here as well.

About the Author: Written by Robert Hall a Tech writer with a travel obsession – catch me @travelplex.

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