7 Expert Tips to Create a Grazing Table

7 Expert Tips to Create a Grazing Table2

As a party host, you don’t want to spend all of your time running around cooking and serving food. If you want more time to enjoy your guests, try a grazing table. 

What is it? A “grazing table” is a tablescape filled with artfully arranged meats, cheese, crudité, as well as seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations and serving utensils and dishes. It’s a relaxed way for you and your guests to mingle without actually cooking and preparing a formal meal. 

Benefits of a grazing table include: 

  • Food prepared in advance
  • Easy to put together 
  • Guests will be impressed
  • Simple clean up 

Whether you choose to create a basic table for a small family brunch or you’re hosting a weekend party, we have 7 tips on how to create a gorgeous (and functional) grazing table.

7 tips to create a grazing table:

#1 The base layer is important.

Start with an interesting table or piece of furniture that reflects the overall décor of your party. Unique tablecloths can spice up the plainest table.

#3 Mix and match serving dishes.

Various height serving boards, trays, and stands make for an exciting visual for your food. Wooden boards add a rustic look, while marble gives a more sophisticated feel.

#5 Choose a variety of textures when selecting food.

Choose creamy, hard, crumbly, and aged cheeses, different types of cured meats, nuts, dipping vegetables, dips, and a mix of hard and soft fruits. Add in an array of crackers, bread sticks, condiments, and preserves to round out your offerings. The more variety, the better!

#6 Don’t leave any white space.

When all is said and done, the table should be totally covered in a rainbow of color. Fill in any gaps with greenery, sprigs of herbs, nuts, or flowers. Be sure to choose flowers without a strong scent so they don’t compete with the food.

#7 Keep food options bite sized.

Don’t include any food that is too big or too messy to eat. The ultimate goal of a grazing table is to be able to eat a little bit of everything. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything to one or two bites maximum.

Have you created a grazing table? Tweet your favorite foods to include to us at @EatSmartScales

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