23 Tips For Being a Healthier You

23 Tips For Being a Healthier You

Do you wake up every morning with the intention of eating unhealthy meals, being a couch potato and allowing stress to dictate your life? We didn’t think so!

To live a healthier lifestyle, you don’t need a dramatic lifestyle overhaul. A few small change to your busy life can have a big impact in your health and well-being.

Not sure where to begin? Try incorporating some of the following simple tips in your daily, or weekly, routine. The more you incorporate, the more you will begin to feel better, both physically and mentally.

1. Go meatless once a week. Skipping meat once a week is good for your health and the environment. Add in protein rich foods like beans, lentils, quinoa, and nuts to round out your diet.

2. Get a good night’s sleep. Everybody is different but aim to sleep at least 7 hours per night. It improves your mood, your cognitive abilities, and your overall health. Stick to a consistent bed time.

3. Stretch as soon as you get out of bed. It helps your body wake up and it prevents injuries and stiffness later in the day.

4. Take a 10-minute walk. Even if you don’t have time to exercise a short walk can boost your energy, lower blood pressure, and can help you clear your mind.

5. Make healthier beverage choices. Skip sugar laden drinks in favor of water or unsweetened beverages. Not ready to give up your favorite beverages? Here’s how to make healthier versions of them.

6. Skip the energy drinks and have green tea instead. Energy drinks typically have much more caffeine than a cup of coffee and can cause nervousness and heart palpitations. Green tea will give you a boost and has theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect and also improves focus.

7. Make healthy breakfast choices. Skip the breakfast muffin in favor of fresh fruit and whole grains, a healthy start keeps you focused and full all morning. No time to make breakfast? Try these Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for People “On The Go.”

8. Enjoy fish once or twice a week. It’s good for the heart, the brain, and the waistline.

9. Eat one extra vegetable or fruit per day. Most adults don’t eat enough produce and one extra serving can help improve cardiovascular health.

10. Drink a glass of water after waking up. Your body is dehydrated after not having any liquids all night.

11. Know how many calories per day you need. Eating the correct amount of calories helps control weight, reduces risk of heart disease, and improves blood pressure. Our CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale simplifies this by giving you the estimated calories per day you need to maintain or lose weight. It also monitors your BMI so you know if your body mass is in the healthy range.

12. Manage stress. Too much stress is unhealthy for your body and mind, practice relaxation techniques to reduce stressful feelings.

13. Eat more berries. Berries are low in sugar but high in antioxidants and vitamins.

14.  Eat the correct serving size. Eating an extra few bites here and there can add up to a lot of extra calories. Master your portions with our Precision Digital Kitchen Scale. It measures precisely to .05 ounce / 1 gram increments, and has a recessed platform so you can measure smaller items without them rolling off.

15. Spend 15 minutes outdoors each day. Sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D naturally and 15 minutes is a short enough time so you won’t burn.

16. Walk more throughout the day. Walking 10,000 steps is said to be optimal for health. Here are some easy ways to get your daily steps in.

17. Brush your teeth twice a day. Not only is brushing important for your oral health, it can help prevent heart disease.

18. Take a tepid shower. Hot water can strip the skin of its essential oils. Keep the water tepid to protect your skin. Take a cool shower when you need to feel refreshed.

19. Watch your posture. Constantly looking down at your screen can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. To maintain good posture read our tips on How to Prevent Text Neck.

20. Weigh yourself. Regularly weighing yourself lets you monitor any increases or unusual decreases in your weight, which can be indicators of health issues. Our best-selling Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is easy to use and easy to read. It also comes with an EatSmart Body Tape Measure to monitor inches lost.

21. Exercise in the morning. Studies show that people who work out in the morning are more likely to stick with their habit. Here are some proven tips on helping you stay motivated to a morning fitness routine.

22. Lift weights. Strength training is important for help preventing muscle loss and improving bone density as we age.

23. Prioritize tomorrow’s to-do list. Take a moment to review the next day’s to-do list before you leave the office and prioritize them in order of importance and urgency. You’ll feel less stressed knowing you have a game plan for the next day.

Are you ready for a healthier lifestyle? You may also enjoy reading 17 Things You Can Do to Create a Perfect Morning Routine.

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