The Mayors Wellness Campaign is a statewide program that gives New Jersey mayors tools and strategies to champion healthy and active living and to improve the overall health of their communities.

The towns of Fort Lee and Hackensack recently completed their 12 week wellness challenges with OUTSTANDING RESULTS. Both programs emphasized healthy eating, exercise and a joint community effort. When you have entire towns working toward a common goal–this gives new meaning to the words Biggest Loser!

Hackensack Wellness Challenge

Hackensack ran an amazing 12 week challenge with all participants losing a total of 633 pounds!

They began the challenge with 263 participants and completed the challenge with 99 participants who worked hard to the very end. Many succeeded in changing their lifestyles, losing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly, and overall feeling better. All Participants were winners!


Fort Lee Wellness Challenge

Fort Lee ran their first Community Wellness Challenge from March 10 through June 2, 2014 . This town-wide event was free and open to residents of Bergen County. Last year, Fort Lee joined Sustainable Jersey and became a little greener. This year, the borough participated in Bergen County’s Wellness Campaign and met their goal of becoming a lot thinner while working toward a healthier lifestyle.
At the end of their 12-week program, a total of 325.2 pounds were lost!

The challenge included:
• Weekly weigh-ins,
• Motivational health classes,
• Free 2-week membership at Club Metro of Fort Lee,
• And all who completed the program, no matter their individual weight loss, were entered for a chance to win prizes.

It is my pleasure to share such GOOD NEWS with our EatSmart fans. Hopefully, the success of these two communities will be the motivation needed to get US on track to a healthier lifestyle.


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