Flipping The Switch

flip the switchLet’s face it, many of us in America need to lose weight. And for that to occur, one thing has to happen: expend more energy than we take in. When this happens, our body turns inward and starts using what is has available in our fat stores to unlock the energy we need to live.

Exercise has always been hard for me; after all I am not an athlete nor do I care to conduct a regimen of structured activity on a regular basis, except for walking and daily everyday activities. For me the best approach is to take in less food than what I need, and let the exercise become a backup player in the weight loss struggle.

I say “struggle” because that’s what it is unless something magical happens: I “flip” the switch. What switch? The switch in my brain. When that switch is flipped, it indeed becomes easier to watch and become accountable for what I eat. No one can do that except me. And once the switch is flipped, it’s hard to flip it back unless I really mess up. For the switch represents an intangible commitment, the hard to describe feeling or desire that “This time, I will do this” and in the process lose the “poor, poor me”, “I just can’t do it,” and “it’s just too hard,” lamentations. Flipping that switch allows me to face the music, suck it up, and brain switchinstantly be strong. When that happens, I am able to be hungry without giving up, count the calories or points, get on that scale, buy the right food, throw out the junk, encourage myself, and keep going. I can even trip but the flipped switch gets me up and on the path again.

Prepare yourself to flip YOUR switch. Get mad at your daily eating failures. Be tired of the tight clothes. Get over the feelings of helplessness and excuses. Face the music. Flip that switch.

About the Author: Jeanne Hoskin has a PhD in food science and nutrition and is working in the food and pharmaceutical industry for 30 years. Jeanne has traveled the world and loves to cook and write. See Jeanne’s blog at www.mapetiteplace.com and her etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/mapetiteplace )

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