The Presidents and the Battle of the Bulge

A 2010 Harvard study suggests that the more obese friends you have, the more likely you are to become obese. This confirms previous research that gaining weight may be socially contagious. If nothing changes significantly in the environment and culture in the USA, about 42% of adults will be obese in about 40 years.

Good friends Bill Geronimo, President of EatSmart Products and Gary Parisi, President of ToiletTree Products, were both carrying some extra pounds around the middle and were well aware of the associated health risks. Concerned with each other’s long term well-being, they agreed to a weight loss contest— the challenge being to lose 10 lbs in 2 months and keep it off for one year.  A big motivator was the large $$ bet each had to ante up at the beginning of the contest—the cash going to the winner.

After two months (June 18th, 2012), we are happy to report that both Gary and Bill have each lost 12 lbs and are looking svelte.  HOW DID THEY DO IT? Nothing radical- they lost the weight by modifying their diets to include lots of vegetables and fruits, less carbohydrates, smaller portions and increased exercise on a daily basis.

We will have to check back in one year to see if they were able to maintain their weight loss.  Best case scenario, both have maintained their weight loss – resulting in both Presidents getting to keep their money prize and…. everybody WINNING!

To all our EatSmart fans…….
In the above After picture, Bill is holding our newest bathroom scale, the EatSmart Precision Tracker! They used this scale to track their progress through out the competition. We are very excited about this new scale, which is on schedule to debut in Fall 2012.  Stay tuned for more details…

Note: The Before pictures were enhanced!

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