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EatSmart™ Precision MaxView Digital Bathroom Scale

  • $ 35.00

The EatSmart Precision MaxView is versatile, easy to use and great for any home. Simply step on the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout on the EatSmart's oversized 4.5" LCD display, one of the largest on the market today.  The sleek, modern design complements any surrounding and weighs up to 400 lbs. The LCD display also contains a cool-blue backlight, allowing for easy viewing even in the most low light areas of the bathroom or home.

Easy to use and extremely accurate, the EatSmart Precision MaxView Scale is engineered to meet the highest accuracy standards. Its four high-gauge Precision G sensors provide accurate measurements up to 400 pounds/180 kilograms. With EatSmart "Step-On" technology, there's no need to tap and wait for the scale to calibrate. Just lay your scale on a hard, flat surface and step on. Within seconds, you'll see your weight displayed. Once you're done, the scale activates an auto power-off feature to preserve the battery.


  • Large, 4.5" LCD display - One of the largest on the market today!
  • Backlit LCD display for easy viewing in any light environment.
  • EatSmart "Step-On" Technology - Get instant readings!
  • 4 High Precision Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement
  • Measurement Modes: Pounds / Kilos / Stones
  • Graduation Increments of .2 lbs. / .1kg
  • Includes a Free Body Tape Measure
  • Ultra thin, sleek design with high quality tempered glass platform
  • Max Weight: 400 lbs / 180 kgs
  • Auto Calibrated; Includes 2 AAA batteries
  • MODEL: ESBS-51

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