Donate to the Yantalo Volunteer House Project and receive FREE EatSmart Products

Help make it happen for Yantalo Volunteer House and receive FREE EatSmart Products! Keep reading for details!

Here is some info on the Yantalo Volunteer House Project:
We are building a house for volunteers in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.


In 2012, over 80 volunteers from around the world gave their time and expertise to the Yantaló community in the fields of heath and education. The number of volunteers grows each year and they all need a place to stay!

We are the Yantaló International Volunteer Organization, a 501c3 organization raising money to build a house in Yantaló, Peru for volunteers working in the community. Our organization is made up of 8 friends, and for 3 years we have been volunteering our time and skills to this Amazon Jungle community.

Yantaló, Peru and the surrounding area has very little access to quality healthcare and education.  The volunteers we support are working to provide that needed quality.

Yantaló International Volunteer Organization’s mission is to support individuals from all over the world in their desire to volunteer their time and skills in the Yantaló community by building comfortable housing and providing a supportive, enriching environment, including space for short and long-term housing, volunteer meetings and planning space.

Learn more about our oganization and mission at

The Fundraising Goals of Yantaló

To date, we have raised and spent $6,750 to get construction started. Our $10,000 goal is just enough to help us finish building and open the house to volunteers! Of course we could use a lot more than our goal – so here is a list of what we can do with $10,000 and over!


How YOU can Help:

If you donate $25 to this project, you are eligible to receive a FREE Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale OR a Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale. (Your choice)DONATE25DOLLARSfree

If you donate $50 to this project, we will send you BOTH a Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale AND a Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale!DONATE50dollars

How to Claim Your Free Gift(s)

1. All you have to do is click here to donate.

2. After you donate, simply email Karen,, four things: (1) the amount you donated, (2) your shipping address, (3) what EatSmart Product(s) you would like and (4) the email account associated with your Indiegogo account – so we can verify your donation with Yantalo.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible for your free EatSmart Products,  you must have a US shipping address. If you donate $25, you will be eligible to receive EITHER a Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale OR a Precision Voyager Luggage Scale. If you donate $50, you will receive (1) Precision Pro Kitchen Scale and (1) Precision Voyager Luggage Scale. There is no mix and matching of products.  You may chose your color Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale – limited selection in each .   Ends March 20th (midnight).  Products limited to the first 250 entries.

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