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Every Mom Needs An EatSmart Digital Food Scale |
November 28, 2017

11 Reasons Every Mom Needs A Digital Food Scale

It’s not easy being a mom. With a long list of daily responsibilities and limited time, moms are always looking for ways to simplify life. In particular, feeding her children, and herself, is a constant […]

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12 Healthy Snack Ideas for Movie Night |
October 24, 2017

12 Healthy Snack Ideas for Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Kicking back with friends or family is a fun, relaxing way to spend the evening. Of course, movies and snacks go hand in hand. Junk foods and mindless munching, […]

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9 Reasons Why Every Runner Needs A Body Fat Scale |
September 27, 2017

9 Reasons Every Runner Needs A Body Fat Scale

Whether you’re a first-time runner or a veteran training for a marathon, running can change your body. An important step in maintaining your health and performance is the ability to assess your body composition in […]

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Easy And Healthy Swaps To Make At The Grocery Store-2 |
September 20, 2017

14 Easy And Healthy Swaps To Make At The Grocery Store

Making small changes on what you add to your grocery cart can result in big gains for your and your family’s health. Skipping processed foods in favor of easy to prepare whole foods will help […]

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school-lunch-ideas |
August 15, 2017

Back to School: Tips For Packing Quick and Healthy School Lunches and Snacks

It’s that time of year again – the kids are going back to school! While it may not be on the official list of school supplies, it’s important to have a plan for healthy lunches […]

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BMI vs Body Fat Percentages - What You Need to Know |
August 8, 2017

BMI vs Body Fat Percentages – What You Need to Know and How to Measure at Home

BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat percentage are popular measures to help determine your level of health and fitness. When used properly, they provide a more complete picture of your health than simply monitoring […]

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Eatsmart_voyager_digital_luggage_scale_featured |
June 27, 2017

Product Spotlight: Meet the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

Let’s face it – travel can be stressful. When packing, the last thing you need to worry about is the weight of your luggage. Unfortunately, most airlines now impose a strict 50 pound weight limit […]

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grilling steak |
June 13, 2017

10 Steps for Grilling the Best Steak of Your Life

Ah, summer! The time of year when you spend a lot of time cooking and dining outdoors. Whether you’re grilling for yourself or hosting a party, when you invest in high-quality pieces of meat, you […]

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May 25, 2017

15 Delicious Non-Meat Foods You Need to Grill This Summer

When we think of grilling, meat is generally the first item that comes to mind. Did you know there are so many other delicious and healthy foods that taste amazing off the grill? Many vegetables […]

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ESP_cooking_mistakes_pinterest |
April 18, 2017

13 Common Cooking Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Whether you’re a professional chef, or are still learning to boil water properly, everyone makes mistakes while cooking. Some mishaps will go unnoticed, but others can spoil a dish and will leave you ordering take-out. […]

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March 28, 2017

Product Spotlight: Meet the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is the ideal way to track your weight goals quickly and easily. The sleek design looks great in any room of the home, and its tempered safety glass platform weighs up […]

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March 21, 2017

Digital Food Thermometers 101 – FAQs, Safety + Calibration Tips

Are you sure your meat is fully cooked? If you want to guarantee your meal is prepared to perfection, you need to use a food thermometer. In addition to ensuring your meat reaches a safe […]

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bath scale guide |
February 28, 2017

The Ultimate Bathroom Scale Guide – 2017 Edition

At EatSmart Products, we offer a variety of scales to help you reach your weight goals. However, with so many options, it can be tough to determine which scale is best for your unique needs. […]

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precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-inbathroom |
January 27, 2017

Introducing the Precision Power Battery Free Digital Scale

We are excited to introduce the brand new EatSmart Precision Power Battery Free Digital Scale. Rather than relying on battery power, the scale features unique “Step-On” Self Powered Technology. Each time the center button is […]

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7 uses for food thermometers |
December 20, 2016

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Measure with a Food Thermometer

A food thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking. An instant-read food thermometer can make the difference between a juicy, tender roast and one that is dangerously undercooked or dry and overcooked. There is no […]

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Holiday Baking Faqs |
December 8, 2016

Holiday Baking FAQs

Have you ever had a cake cave in the middle, a custard pie crack, or wondered about an unfamiliar ingredient? Sometimes things happen to our baked goods and we have no idea what went wrong. […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Fall Baking-eatsmart-products |
September 20, 2016

The Beginner’s Guide to Fall Baking

Does the crisp, cool air inspire you to bake some delicious fall treats? Fall is the perfect time to bake because seasonal produce is abundant and cooler temperatures make it easy to turn on the […]

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Why Your Body Fat Scale Readings Will Not Add Up To 100% |
August 30, 2016

Why Your Body Fat Scale Readings Will NOT Add Up To 100%

Body fat scales, such as our Precision Digital Body Check Body Fat Scale or Precision Digital GetFit Body Fat Scale, help you get a more accurate picture of your health than an ordinary scale. A […]

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body-fat-scales |
July 26, 2016

The Differences Between the EatSmart Body Fat Scales: GetFit vs. Body Check

All bathroom scales measure your weight. However, weight alone is not an accurate indicator of health. A body fat scale can distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and pounds that come from mass […]

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May 31, 2016

The Differences Between the Precision Elite and Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometers

The most accurate way to know if your meat is cooked is to check the internal temperature with a food thermometer. A digital thermometer takes the guess work out of cooking meat and you get […]

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